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Tips for models.... Tips for photographers....  
1. Never sign an exclusive contract unless they can guarantee you a set amount for the duration of the contract.
2. Do your homework before booking any assignment.  Ask for referrals if the client is not well known.
3. Always take an escort to any assignment, but don't expect the client to pick up the tab for your travel companion.
4. Putting snapshots (or unedited photos) online does not make you a model.  Don't expect to be paid for your time until you have a working portfolio and have put in time learning how to model.
5. IMAGES ARE FOREVER! Before you decide to step in front of the camera, remember you can never take it back.
6. Copyrights are given to the photographer (producer) not to the model.  You do not own the photos, even if you paid to have them done.  You only own the photos if you paid and signed an agreement stating that you own them.
7. Read everything before you sign it, especially the fine print.  Ask questions about anything you do not fully understand.
8. If you are doing a paid shoot, make sure you remember to get paid before leaving.
9. If you do anything, anywhere at any time, remember your family will eventually see it at some point.
10. When you go to any shoot, make sure you call someone from the location you are at, preferably from "their" phone, so someone knows where you are at.  Always check back in with someone after you have left the location.
1. Be courteous and friendly to all models as they are your future source for referrals.
2. Amateur photographers need to pay professional models in order to build their portfolios.  You won't get the images you need working with amateur models.
3. Do not overexpose the models you work with as you can cost them work. Limit you posting on free sites, forums, and show off your best shots.
4. If a model says NO, she/he means it and you should never ask again unless they offer to do whatever it is they originally said no to.
5. Always include your full name, address, email and contact number to all correspondence if you intend to be taken seriously.
6. Always get copies of two forms of ID from any model you work with, period. Also don't forget to have them sign a release.
7. Expect to pay any model if you cancel a paid shoot.  Models take away their valuable time to set up and shoot with you and it is actionable in court if you fail to pay them.
8. Be prepared for models escorts, they will bring them and you will have great referrals if you provide for them as a guest.
9. So you say you've had a cancellation or no show?  Stop whining, its a fact of the modeling industry so if it bothers you that much, maybe your in the wrong profession.
10. Constantly update your portfolio with your best work!



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